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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  March 22, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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welcome to "newsline." lawmakers in cyprus have approved a key legislation in the race to secure a financial lifeline from the european union. their plan includes restructuring banks and setting up a fund that would help them qualify for a bailout that would keep the country afloat. cyprus needs to raise 5.8 billion euros in collateral. government leaders had accepted a plan that involved taking money from people's bank accounts. but parliament rejected the idea. they agreed to set up a
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solidarity fund. it would allow the pooling of state assets for an emergency bond issue. they've also agreed to restr restructure major banks. members of the staff union have protested in front of the larl lament building. they say breaking up the bank would destroy 2,000 jobs. lawmaker still have more to do. once they put a plan in place, the european union must approve it. the european center bank is providing emergency funds to cyprus until monday. after that, the money could stop flowing and the island could go bankrupt. cyprus's finance minister tried
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to get help from russia, but he's on his way home empty handed. he spent two days talking with his russian counterpart. he's quoted as saying he hadn't been able to get the support he wanted. he still has a chance to get the russians to ease the conditions on existing loans. chinese president xi is getting to know vladimir putin. the leaders got together in mosc. >> our relationship is the most important in global politics. >> translator: our relations are the best they've been at any time in history. >> xi said chinese and russians should give each other political
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support. and they should back each other's efforts to protect their sovereignty and security and development. putin and xi issued a joint statement calling for more strategic cooperation. chinese leaders are also trying to build stronger relations with their counterparts in japan. he believes they can resolve their dispute over islands in the east china sea. he said i wants people in the private sector to take the lead. >> translator: chinese it government officials have emphasized the importance of the relationship between china and
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japan. i want to do my best to restore it. >> lee said the present situation is unfavorable for both countries. he said leaders should work together to improve their relations. diplomats want to watch what's going on in north korea. they want to look into allegations of abuse. representatives from japan and the european union jointly sponsored the measure at the u.n. human rights counsel. north korea is not a member of the council. dell gats approved the measure unanimously. they were looking toward north korea's network of prisons. they cited the abduction of nationals. in the 1970s and '80s. >> gentleman than strongly
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believes that a commission of inquiry to investigate such human rights violations from an independent and impartial standpoint will provide the council with concrete outcomes which will guide the international community in addressing the situation. >> north korea's u.n. ambassador in geneva criticized the measure. >> seeking the political -- of the hostile forces those human rights abuses have totally nothing to do with -- >> the u.n. has said north korean face grave, wide spread and systematic violations of human rights. syrian president assad is vowing revenge on the people he blames for a suicide bombing. the explosion killed 49 people, including a religious leader who
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was a strong supporter of the assad government. the bomber blew himself up atmos being in the capital of damascus. one of the victims was a sunni muslim preacher. assad blamed those rebels for the bombing. he said he wouldn't let the deaths go in vane and urged his supporters to carry on their fight. leaders of the opposition free syria army say assad is making false accusations. government troops are losing ground to the rebels. he is speaking to boost their morale. japanese officials are moving ahead with plan does relocate a u.s. base. they've applied for the mission to begin reclamation of land for the proposed base. the officials submitted the papers outlining the reclamation project. it calls for the construction of
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two runways and facilities for the marine corps air station. >> translator: we officially obtained consent from local fisherman this afternoon. so we immediately submitted our application, based on the agreement to the prefecture. >> jap nose and u.s. officials agree move the arab station from a densely populated city to a coastal area. but the plan has been stalled because of opposition. okinawa governor want the base moved out of prefecture completely. >> translator: it's virtually impossible. i've been telling central government officials that they'd better change their plan and decide to move the base outside of okinawa. it would be the best and quickest way to settle the issue. my view remains unchanged. >> it will be decided in the
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next eight months whether to approve the application after more inspections and hearings are held. prime minister abe promised u.s. president obama last month that he would see to the quick relocation of the air station. here's our three day world weather forecast.
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vlg that concludes this edition of "newsline." thank you for join us.
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